Native Plants For Sale in Sayville!

native plants
Blue Wild Indigo and Swamp Milkweed

We will be selling a number of native plants at our “Plant Raiser.” This Thursday the 27th of July, 7PM at South Shore Dive, in West Sayville, 65 West Main St.

Help Sayville Go Native

Native Plants Grown Right at Sayville High School

Sayville High School’s environmental club, SWEEP, grew a number of native wildflowers in the school’s greenhouse over the winter from seeds they harvested locally with The Greater Sayville Junior Civic Association. Here are some of the native plants that will be available for sale on Thursday:

Blue Wild Indigo
native plants
Seaside Goldenrod
native plants
New York Ironweed

There will be assorted others in various sizes as well. Come by Thursday July 27th at 7 for our Plant Raising and see what else there is on offer.

Native Plant Ecotypes

Tyska Native Plants will be offering local “ecotypes,” or plants that are truly specific to the area. The closer we can get to the local plant’s local variants, the better.

native plants
Sugar Maple
native plants
Chestnut Oak
native plants
Swamp Rose Mallow
native plants
native plants
Rice Cutgrass

Tyska Native Plants also has available:

native plants
Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) roosting in Eastern Red Cedar tree (Juniperus virginiana)
native plants
Showy Aster (Eurybia spectabilis)

Some Near Native Plants

native plants

Also available in limited quantities: Lobelia silphilitica (blue lobelia) and Opuntia humifusa (Eastern Prickly Pear), Spicebush and Tulip Poplar.

Pricing will of course vary by plant and size, but they will be priced for the occasion: To help Sayville plant natives. Come by Thursday, help the cause, hear about plants, native, non-native and invasive. Live music by Nick Russell, local art, and the Sayville community coming together for the local environment!

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