Going Native

By going native, everyone can contribute to improving the local ecology, creating habitat for our local creatures.


Sayville Goes Native!

Bring a little Nature home April 23rd in Sayvlle. Come by, learn about and pick up some native plants, and help Sayville restore precious habitat.


Destroying a Freshwater Wetland to Dump Dredge Spoils?

Bureaucratic momentum led to the destruction of rare habitat. We as Long Islanders and as New Yorkers need to take a lesson: We must begin to stand for what pockets of nature remain. If they go, then what?


Plant Natives: Create Habitat

We must work to remove invasive plants en masse and plant natives or we will witness the final collapse of our local ecosystems

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Wisteria Is A Misery

A truly dreadful invasive plant would be wisteria. Prized for its flowers, this asian import is strangling trees everywhere.


Marina Park Project

A local family pulling away the many vines

On Oct 17th, 2021, Sayville turned out en masse, young and old, to help remove the invasive plants that had taken over Foster Marina Park in Sayville, and to replace those invasive plants with natives — trees such as oak, sassafras, red maple and chestnut, along with a 3000 sq ft wildflower garden