How NOT To Select Street Trees

The Invasive Chanticleer or Calery Pear

We need to be far more informed and intentional as to what kinds of trees we plant in our communities. Some LI Towns are better than others here.

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Local Stewardship: Rona Fried

English Ivy Killing Some Oaks

Rona Fried is West Hills County Park’s local steward and benefactor. She is funding the removal of invasive plants and the establishment of an American Chestnut Mother Orchard and a seasonal wetland.


Invasive Plant: Lesser Celandine

Closeup of clump of spring yellow flowers, Ficaria verna, (formerly Ranunculus ficaria L.) commonly known as lesser celandine or pilewort

Lesser Celandine, an early spring denizen, is an aggressive invasive plant that smothers native ephemeral flower and plants.


Book The Long Island Conservancy

Long Island is facing an environmental crisis. What native habitat we have left is rapidly vanishing. We can do something about this.


We Must Seed The Future

The young people of Sayville are helping to harvest native wildflower seeds to be planted in beds throughout the community


Saving Turtles: Protecting The Nests

A nesting snapping turtle via

Saving turtles at Meadowcroft will be challenging. The six snapping turtle nests on the lawn were clearly predated by raccoons — not mowed over as some were quick to claim. Getting people to accept this explanation will be half the problem. The other half will be covering the nests well enough that the raccoons can’t dig the nests out.


Sayville Goes Native!

Bring a little Nature home April 23rd in Sayvlle. Come by, learn about and pick up some native plants, and help Sayville restore precious habitat.