Community Grant Program

The Bobcat Has Arrived!

The Long Island Conservancy each year selects several local habitat restoration projects to support with a community grant. We assist in scoping it out, estimating its costs and timelines, and in developing strategies to raise the awareness and the funds necessary for the project. We Support Local Stewardship.

community grant
Time To Plant Some Natives!

What A Community Grant Provides

The Long Island Conservancy has an annual budget for “in-kind” services or community grants through Spadefoot Design and Construction. Spadefoot provides the machinery necessary to remove invasive plants, the labor to run the equipment, and the expertise required to plant the native plants most suitable for the location.

Who Is Eligible For A Community Grant?

The Long Island Conservancy seeks local Long Island civic groups, whether in Nassau or Suffolk County, that want to restore habitat in their communities, in their parks and open spaces; local stewards are those eligible for community grants.

Is there a local park overrun with invasive plants? Is there a place to plant a pollinator garden or a marsh to restore? We work with individuals and communities who are ready to act as local stewards, who have a project in mind.

We will help you refine your project, create local awareness and support for it. What are the local and municipal resources available for your project? We will help you identify them.

Community Grants and Service Hours

The Long Island Conservancy is particularly interested awarding community grants where the local high school is ready to commit 100 or more service hours towards a proposed project. It seems that each year, students scramble to find service hours. What if, working together, a high school could identify a local habitat restoration project, and, working with the Long Island Conservancy and other local civic organizations, make their community truly beautiful? We support local stewardship. Tell us what you want to have happen, and we will help.

Previous Community Grant Recipients

Spadefoot has thus far provided community grants on our behalf for the following grantees:

  1. The Science Museum of Long Island
  2. Friends of Cedarmere
  3. West Hills County Park and it’s Donor/Steward Rona Fried
  4. Garvie’s Point Museum
  5. Meadow Croft (The Roosevelt Estate)

I Want To Apply For a Community Grant

Do you want to become a local steward of a park in your neighborhood? Do you like the sound of birds and the flight of the bees and butterflies? Do you really really not like invasive plants? Tell us what we need to look at. Thanks for standing for Nature!

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