Contacting The Long Island Conservancy

Monarch Caterpillar

Local Stewardship

Is there a particular public space you would want to see cleared of invasive plants? A place where a grove of native trees or a pollinator garden could go? Could the neglected sump nearby become a bird sanctuary? A forest buried by wisteria, oriental bittersweet, porcelainberry, and Japanese honeysuckle and multiflora rose become native habitat again, no longer lifeless?

Schedule a Talk In Your Community

We are available to meet with communities all over Long Island that are looking to preserve or restore habitat while removing invasive plants. We all want to do the right thing by the environment. We are finding out that the best thing we can do is to put things back where they belong and remove what grew instead. What park needs help in your community? Let us know and we will see what can be done!

Marshall Brown
Executive Director
The Long Island Conservancy
(516) 779-9719

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