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restore nature
Removing Invasive Plants Can Be A Lot Of Work!

The Long Island Conservancy is dedicated to local stewardship; our goal is to help restore nature in your community. If there is a park or woods, or pond, marsh, or lake in your community that you care about, we can help you determine what it would take to restore that habitat, and how you would go about gathering the resources necessary for the task.

How We Work To Restore Nature

We restore nature by staying locally focused and project based. In our day jobs, we restore native habitats, relying on the best available science on Long Island’s ecologies. We know the cost of labor and equipment, we know how to source native plants in bulk, and, crucially, we know how best to plant and to maintain them. We know budgets and timelines. We believe in implementing, in taking theory and putting into practice.

If you wish to donate, click on The American Chestnut leaf below.

The choice of an American Chestnut leaf is no accident. We are working with The American Chestnut Foundation to help restore this majestic tree here locally.

restore nature

Restore Nature: Help Bring Back The American Chestnut

For those interested in becoming part of the grand effort to restore The American Chestnut, The Long Island Conservancy is selling “Mother Orchards” consisting of eight American Chestnut saplings that in around seven years time, if all goes well, start to produce blight resistant chestnuts.

You can buy a Mother Orchard here and with that enter into an historic effort. We are planning a generation ahead. The details of the program can be found here. The chestnut trees will also be a local ecotype, as the chestnuts were gathered from local remnant stands.

Where In Your Community Should We Look To Restore Nature?

restore nature
A Wonderful Project!

Please let us know with your donation where we should be focusing on. If you would also like to volunteer, or if volunteering is your way of giving, please click here to Volunteer For Local Nature.

It also helps to read our posts. There is much that people need to know about our local plants and animals — if we are to keep them. Please share if you find them interesting / useful.

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