Community Composting

Rebuild Your Community From The Ground Up!

People have been collecting food scraps and composting them since the dawn of agriculture. Everything must begin with healthy soil, and end with it. Exhaust the soil, and your community, your civilization collapses.

Community composting is a global movement to build sustainability locally., through its online mapping of local sites, seeks to inspire people everywhere to host a composter so that the community could be rebuilt literally from the ground up.

What we have as soil now has been so degraded by chemicals, pesticides, and by invasive plants and a compromised soil biome. If we expect to heal our local environment and build sustainable communities, the soil must be able to support it.

Here is Founder and CEO of Josh Whiton:

Josh Whiton, Environmental Entrepreneur and Founder of

30% of our food ends up in landfills on Long Island, producing greenhouse gases and costing us all a lot of money. What if we could have “Soilmakers” in each community who would process those scraps so that we could grow more food locally?

Recently, it was announced that the Monarch Butterfly (Western branch) was going extinct. The hundreds of miles of corn and soy beans and the glyphosate soil that goes with industrial agriculture has a lot to do with that. The general collapse of insect populations globally has a lot to do with that — soil made lifeless except for the monocrop it supports.

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