Building A Media Library

Media Library
Butterfly Milkweed and the Beetles That Love Them

The Long Island Conservancy is building a media library of posts on all the major topics that concern Long Island and its environment — it’s plants, animals, and habitats, and how we can better improve their prospects.

Whether we are spreading the word about invasive plants, offering guidance to a community on a local environmental challenge or endeavor, whether it is interviewing the leading local experts in print or on film, our aim is to create a standing resource for Long Islanders to find vital information on the state of our environment, and the concrete steps we need to take to address them.

Would you like to be a guest for our podcasts? Is there a burning issue you’d like to showcase in 90 seconds or less? Or would you want to discuss it at length to a live audience on line? Or should we arrange to come speak to you and your community?

Is there a local park you are looking to preserve? Is there a lake dying, a woods overrun with invasive plants? Where should we at The Long Island Conservancy aim our spotlight? Contact us with the form below. People need to know what is wrong in our local public spaces, and how we can fix them, restoring them as viable native habitat.

Here are some of the issues we tackled in 2022. What should we do in 2023?

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