The Isaac Green Native Garden

Brookside County Park, where we will be planting a “native garden,” is located in Sayville on Brook Street, right across from Sayville High School.  It comprises six acres, and is of local historical value as it was the home of the architect Isaac Green (1858 -1937), who built a number of notable buildings in the area during the Gilded Age.

The Roosevelt Native Garden at Meadow Croft

One of his achievements is Meadow Croft, also know as The Roosevelt Estate, where The Long Island Conservancy is also working with the Suffolk County Parks Department to establish a native garden, removing invasive plants, restoring habitat, returning The American Chestnut, and establishing this county park as an educational center for native plants.

native garden
Meadow Croft, Where We Have A Native Garden
planting native garden
Native Wildflower Garden at Meadow Croft

The Call For An Isaac Green Native Garden

Based on our work at Meadow Croft with the Roosevelt Native Garden and at West Hills County Park removing invasive plants (thanks Rona!), the Suffolk County Parks Department, along with The Great South Bay Audubon Society, which has its offices on the grounds of Brookside County Park at the estate’s old gate house, has asked The Long Island Conservancy to clear the current garden out since it has fallen into disrepair and mostly non-native trees planted there. There is also Burning Bush, a notorious invasive plant that was introduced here starting in the 1860s as favorite ornamental among landscapers.

The Isaac Green Garden, Fallen into Disarray

The current garden, 20’X20′, would be cleared then replanted as a native garden and fenced in to protect it from deer and from vandalism.  The Long Island Conservancy, working with Spadefoot Design and Construction, has created a planting plan for the garden. We are also developing a ‘stewardship’ program, where SWEEP, the environmental club at the nearby high school. This is both local nature and local history. Every school kid should know who Isaac Green was.

A “Plant Raiser” For The Isaac Green Native Garden

We have launched a campaign to fund this native garden. We costed it our at cost $5000, plus ongoing stewardship.

  1. We are holding a “plant raising” fund raiser for this native garden Thursday July 27th at 7 PM in Sayville. Here is the event post.
  2. We will be presenting on plants, native, non-native and invasive, and discuss what we can each do to make a difference in our own yards.
  3. We will be presenting original art of Sayville from local artist Susan Brown. Here are the some of the paintings that will be featured and for sale.
  4. We will also be podcasting on this project as an episode of Little Green Shoots, filming the plant raising event at South Shore Dive in West Sayville.
  5. We’ve invited local civic associations and local leaders as we work to help Sayville go native. We will be supporting plantings at Sayville Library and at the Chamber House.
  6. We will be selling native plants as well — some grown in Sayville High School’s greenhouse using locally harvested native seeds.
  7. We will be holding a trivia contest on Sayville and its natural and historic landmarks
  8. There will be gift baskets and raffles
  9. And live music

For decades, and increasingly, Isaac Green County Park has needed local stewardship. The Long Island Conservancy is hopeful that in creating this native garden as we plant natives around town that we can learn as a community how to become Nature’s stewards, respecting our past and its legacies.

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Volunteer to Help Plant These Native Gardens

Follow this link to volunteer to plant native gardens in parks in your community.

Questions or comments? Interested in planting native gardens?