Volunteer For Nature


The Long Island Conservancy is seeking people who are devoted to building Nature in their communities. How can you help your local parks and open spaces?

How do we create habitat in our public spaces and even in our own backyards?

Do you want to Help Long Island Go Native? The Long Island Conservancy is here to support your local efforts at stewardship. We will help bring awareness to the environmental issues that face your community. Typically, we help in the process of removing invasive plants and then planting natives.

We will help a community scope out a restoration project for a park or open space, and then seek out how such a project may be funded. And for this, we will need volunteers. So please sign up via the contact form below.

We will then update you about where our next planting/event will be, and when our podcast “Little Green Shoots” begins to air. And if you want us to speak before your community, please request that here as well.

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